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21 January 2010 @ 11:48 am

今回は、その写真を持ち込んだ人物のインタビューとベッドの上で撮影された写真も流出してしまったのだ。画像はこちら→ ranking
「5 年前の夏というのは合ってますね。当時、私はバイトでスカウト的なことをやっていまして、原宿で歩いてた女の子に声をかけたんです。正直、すごくかわいい 子でしたね。だから絶対に逃がしたくないと思って連絡先だけ聞いて、後日会う約束をしたんです。ラブホだと警戒されると思って横浜のシティホテルに部屋を取って、そこに連れていきまいた489PR」(A氏)

Source: entameblog.seesaa.net/article/138945062.html
「雫羅」 dara: Chains -- Hikarusashwizzled on January 21st, 2010 08:00 pm (UTC)
AB48's Kuramochi Asuka - naked pictures leaked

At the moment, one group you can quite often see on television is the idol group AB48.
Having even appeared on Kouhaku, this group is gaining popularity rapidly - and now naked pictures have emerged of member Kuramochi Asuka (20).

The truth is, the girl herself said to magazine FLASH in September last year that she 'did a photo shoot as promotional material five years ago', and these 'tebura' (naked save for the hands covering the breasts) pictures may appear to be from that.

However, the truth is a different matter, and it seems that Kuramochi was invited to a hotel by someone claiming to be a scout, and did a photoshoot in a swimsuit, and then virtually naked. And now, the person who took those photos has emerged for an interview, and has revealed the pictures, taken on a hotel bed.

The man (Mr A) revealed, "It was five years ago, during the summer. At the time, I was doing a part time job in scouting, and while on the job, I called out to a young girl walking through Harajuku. To tell the truth, she was a really cute girl and I thought 'I definitely can't let this one get away'. So, I got her contact address and agreed to meet her later. I decided to keep away from love hotels, so I got a room in Yokohama City Hotel and took her there."

At that time, Kuramochi had her sights set on being an idol, and it seems that she readily believed that Mr A's business card was actually from a major record company.

"She brought the swimming costume herself. I don't remember what we arranged to do, but if she brought the costume herself, that's proof enough that she knew to a certain extent what she was getting into. She was in good spirits all the way through the shoot, right up to the tebura pictures." (Mr A)
murasaki_sky on January 21st, 2010 10:45 pm (UTC)

thank you so much...i'll post this arama.